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  • China is the world's largest developing country. Since the 1950s, while focusing on its own development, the People's Republic of China has been providing economic and technical assistance to the best of its ability to other developing...

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Q: What is AIECO?
A: The Agency for International Economic Cooperation (AIECO) is the specialized agency entrusted with tasks of managing the implementation of foreign aid complete projects and technical cooperation projects under the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
Q: What is AIECO's mission?
A: AIECO works on exerting its unique strengths of foreign-aid project management to improve the quality and effectiveness of these projects and help the recipient countries enhance their capacity for independent development.
Q: What is AIECO's vision?
A: AIECO is devoted to promoting South-South cooperation and the realization of sustainable development goals launched by the United Nations, and ultimately contributes towards building a world of peace, harmony and common prosperity.
Q: What are AIECO's working values?
A: AIECO regards "Professionalism, Standardization and Efficiency"as its working values, while upholding "Quality, Solidarity and Integrity" as its principles.
Q: Who is the head of AIECO?
A: The incumbent head of AIECO is Secretary of CPC Branch, Mr. Yu Zirong
Q: How many projects are underway within AIECO’s management?
A: Currently, AIECO organizes and implements more than 500 foreign assistance projects each year in over 120 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.
Q: What fields do AIECO's projects cover?
A: AIECO's projects range over a variety of fields like infrastructure, industry, agriculture, culture, health, communication, electricity, energy and so on.
Q: How can I contact AIECO?
A: You may reach us via e-mail: zh@aieco.org.